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Standard Garage Door Repair Costs

If your overhead door won’t open, don’t panic. Here at Thrifty Garage Door, garage door repair in Surrey BC that will fix the issue and help you avoid buying a totally new garage door. However,

The Perks of Hiring Garage Door Repair Surrey

The garage door is one essential element that protects your home. For it to do its job effectively,  your garage door needs to be always in a good working condition. If it needs repairs, you

How to Choose Garage Door Repair in Delta

Garage doors are something we often use and tend not to think about until they stop functioning. Your garage door is the biggest moving piece of equipment in your home; it is a big, dense

Why Did My Garage Door Come Off the Tracks?

When it comes to garage door repair in Surrey, British Columbia, there are a lot of great options. Requiring repairs for a garage door could be due to a few reasons, so knowing the problem

Garage Door Maintenance in Burnaby BC

When it comes to home ownership, regular upkeep and maintenance is your best friend. Having the equipment and appliances in your home serviced can elongate their lifespan. This can save you boatloads of money in

4 Reasons why we are the Right Guys for your Garage Door

You may not understand how important your garage door is until it gets stuck or you cannot access the house through it. As one of the busiest entryways to the house, garage doors are under

Wood vs. Metal vs. Aluminium Garage Doors: Which is Best for You?

Choosing the right type of garage door is an important decision. Your garage door plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal. It also affects your convenience and ability to use your garage. Doors

Should You Get Premium Hardware for Your Garage Door

Trying to decide which type of hardware you should buy for your garage door can be hard. There is a variety of garage door options available. Some parts are considered premium hardware, and this is

How to Fix Your Noisy Garage Door?

Noise in garage doors can occur by the pulleys,cables, hinges and springs that make the counterbalance system work. From loose hardware to squeaky parts that need to be lubricated, there is a wide range of

Top 4 Common Garage Door Issues Most Homeowners Dealt With

Even the most well constructed overhead door starts to show wear and tear signs with continuous use. When you see the signs of wear and tear on your garage door, feel free to get in



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