New Openers installation

Garage Doors Openers – Gives you the convenience of getting into you garage without getting out of your car on sunny day or a rainy one as they occur more then what we want to here in beautiful but rainy Greater Vancouver area. packs new technology’s like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi control Motion sensors, park guidance pointers or just a key chain remote. here at thrifty all our experienced techs carry leading brands in the garage door industry, openers and accessories. Have a specific brand that you are looking for? we can accommodate that as well, give us a call at (604)901-7676 and one of our team members would be more then happy to assist you choosing the opener to fit your needs

Opener Repair

Garage door openers are built to last, but being used multiple times daily would require some TLC and maintenance to keep on going for years to come and from time to time will even break, here at thrifty all our techs are trained constantly up to par with industry standards. Whether you need a tune up or a circuit board replacement our techs will be more then happy to assist with same day service or emergency service

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