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Service, Repair and Installation

Torsion Spring Replacement

One of the most important and dangerous components in the operation of a functional garage door, torsion springs take the weight of the door (average of 600 lb) and make it move with ease and grace when balanced,

Naturally when being under constant pressure and being used on daily multiple time daily sometimes more then the front door, has wear and tear and breaks, here are some ways to identify a broken spring

  • A loud bang sound when trying to open or close the garage door
  • The garage door wont open more then a few inches
  • There is an actual gap between the spring

If any of the above applies DON’T TRY TO USE THE OPENER to prevent further damage and call a professional technician to Replace/repair the torsion spring, loaded springs and the attached parts are under a lot of tension and can cause SIRIUS INDURY OR EVEN DEATH unless you know what you’re doing don’t attempt to replace the spring and Call our highly trained and experienced technicians for same day spring replacement

Opener Repair / Installation / Programing

One of the most integral and important parts in your garage which lets you stay in your car or on your bike and with a push of a bottom moves a wall for you, opener have to be serviced approx. every 6 months to prevent malfunctions and prevent excessive wear and tear, which in some cases cant be avoided and require a repair/service which the technicians at Thrifty Garage Doors are focused and trained we carry the leading most reliable openers and accessories so you can have a peace of mind for the next 20-30 years and if the one you currently have breaks down, no worries our tech are trained to keep up to par with todays technology and able to solve any issues that occurs with most models and makes on the market today from reprograming an opener to replacing a faulty Logic/mother board, sometimes it can be one of the accessories and not the actual opener that is causing the issue our tech are ready to tackle any problem with ease


Cables / Hinges / Rollers / Panels / Accidental Damage

Accidents happen and when they do, thrifty garage doors is the place to call, even if your sure there is no hope, don’t give up too soon, what may look like a look like a lost cause is repairable, our tech are trained on various scenarios of accidental damage/off track doors and even the grimmest situation has a brighter future the Techs at thrifty are equipped with all the hardware to replace every moving part in your door or even build you a new one, torn/broken cables ? no problem need a few replacement rollers and a remote and a keypad all of our tech are fully equipped with all the door accessories

Garage Door Replacement, New Garage Door Installation

Want to add some curb appeal to your house, or add value to house up for sale, or just in the mood for a new project contact thrifty garage doors and a technician will be more then happy to assist you and pick the right garage door that will fit your needs and will be pleasing astatically to your taste we carry all makes and styles and brands or even can customise a garage door completely for requirements

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