An Introduction to Garage Door Hinges, Rollers and Cables Repair

To get a better idea of what is cause for your garage door’s poor operation, you need to have basic knowledge about garage door parts.

Let our garage door repair experts explain how hinges, cables and rollers work.

Garage Door Hinges and how they work

Hinges hold the sections of your garage door together. Among the most common types, and there are few, is the one called a leaf hinge. It has two triangle-shaped parts, each part attached to the bottom and top of your garage door sections, and the parts are hinged to each other. Box hinges are also common; they are similar to leaf hinges but are more compact. There are also graduated edge hinges that were designed for weathertight doors.

Hinges’ size and thickness vary because they need to fit your garage door and garage doors come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, it is a good idea to have an experienced Vancouver garage door repair technician replace your hinges. A professional will know which hinge would work best for your specific door type and advise you on how to perform maintenance on your door so that your hinges last longer.

What is the role of rollers in the garage door mechanism?

Rollers guide your garage door along the track. Basically, they are a tire attached to a stem. The tire can be made from steel or plastic, and they vary in size. The stem is attached to the center of the tire. Stems also vary in length. For example, wider doors would require a longer stem. The stem would often have a part to protect the door from hitting the track while opening and closing. Like other garage door parts, the advice is to consult a garage door specialist when replacing your rollers. Your garage door will only benefit.

Garage door cables

Simply speaking, garage door cables are ropes that are made from steel wires. Those cables lift your garage door. Different cables have different load capacities, and it is essential to make sure that the right kind of cables is installed.

What to do if your garage door cable snapped?

Garage door cables were designed to be durable, but nothing lasts forever. One of the signs that may indicate that your cables are likely going to break is rust on your cables. Rust is a sign of corrosion, which is a chemical process that affects steel and alters its characteristics. If you notice a significant amount of rust on your cables, you may want to consult a garage door technician to avoid your cables breaking suddenly when you do not expect it.

If your cable has already snapped, please avoid opening or closing your garage door since it may cause further damage. Especially avoid trying to open or close your garage door manually since it may lead to an injury. The best action plan is to get a hold of an experienced garage door technician. You want your door to be inspected for other damage and tested for safety. Let us know that you have an emergency, and one of our garage door repair technicians in Vancouver will arrive within an hour; the emergency callout price is nominal.

What to do if your garage door cable came off?

Another issue that involves garage door cables is a cable getting off the drum. In this case, please avoid opening or closing your garage door. Cables are part of the counterbalance system that opens and closes your garage door. Trying to manipulate the door with one of the cables being misplaced may result in an injury or further damage to your garage door. Also, your springs may need an adjustment, and that should be done by a professional.

Please take your safety very seriously and let us take care of your garage door.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions. We at Thrifty Garage Door Repair love it when our clients take an interest in our work.

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Accidents happen to avoid injury or additional damage to your garage door. Call a professional garage door technician. When dealing with hinges, rollers, and cables, we will explain what to do to prevent further damage and minimize your cost.

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