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The garage opener is the mechanism that moves your garage door from a closed position to open and back to closed; also it would often include a motor.  It should be mentioned that there are different kinds of openers since there are different kinds of garage doors your garage door technician will know which opener will be best suited for your type of garage door.

Types of openers

Chain drive opener is designed to suit most residential garage doors and is likely to be the least expensive.

Jackshaft opener is side-mounted and it is considered the most powerful. It would be most appropriate for large and heavy garage doors or garage doors with high or vertical lift Belt drive opener is the one that will likely produce the least amount of noise. It would be the best fit for a garage that is attached to the house.

Installation of a garage door opener

There are several reasons why garage door openers should be installed by a certified and experienced garage door technician.

One of the main reasons is that safety precautions and manufacturer instructions must be closely followed. This is, first of all, a matter of safety since the installation itself involves dealing with health and safety hazards. Also, this kind of equipment, when installed improperly, may cause the door to malfunction during the operation, which can lead to various dangerous situations. In addition, special tools are required for the installation. Installation done properly will prolong the life span of the motor and prevent future issues that can cause your garage door to break suddenly.

Garage door opener key safety precautions

It is essential that an operator that is being installed is fitted correctly according to your door type, size, and weight.

An important safety measure during the installation of an opener is disconnecting all power. This will minimize the dangers such as electrocution and unexpected movement of any door parts.

According to regulations entrapment, devices such as sensors should be installed for enhanced safety of your garage door. An experienced Vancouver garage door repair technician will inspect your sensors as part of the installation procedure and advise you on which sensor will fit your garage door best if yours are out of order or if you did not have them installed earlier.

Things to consider during the installation

The location of the control panel/control board should be chosen carefully. The control panel/board should be installed at enough distance from the door and at the same time in such a location that will allow a good observation of the garage door during the operation.

The motor also should be installed according to Canadian Electrical Safety standards and at a specific distance from the door and the tracks, in such a location that would work best for your door type.

After the installation of the opener, it should be tested, adjusted if necessary and then tested again. The opener is an essential part of the garage door mechanism, and thus, it is crucial to make sure it works properly.

The door balance should be checked, as well. The balanced garage door is a safe garage door that will serve you for a longer time period.

It is also a good idea to inspect your springs. Weak springs can break suddenly and cause injury or damage to your property and even the garage door itself. A significant amount of rust could be an indicator that your springs may be in bad shape. Ask your garage door technician about the condition of your springs if they were not replaced for a while or you do not know when they were last replaced. It is good to have such information so you can plan your next garage door check-up appointment and prevent incidents and unexpected breakage of your garage door.

The general advice and good practice are to inspect the garage door for issues and get all the problems fixed prior to the installation of a new garage door opener.

Garage door opener repair

Often the issues that arise involving the garage door opener are related to wiring or external devices. An experienced technician will know how to diagnose and fix those kinds of issues. A repair of an opener often involves dealing with wiring and/or an electrical circuit.

Some of the common issues you may encounter with your opener:

The door won’t open or close: it could be a problem with a motor, circuit, or a fuse.

Note: if your garage door does not respond to commands from the control, it does not automatically mean the problem is with your opener; there are other possible issues.

The door opens but does not close: it could be a defective button, defective switch, or a wiring issue but most commonly this would be a sensor malfunction or misalignment The door closes but does not open: it could be a defective button, switch, or a wiring issue.

The motor turns, but the door does not open: it could be the sprocket key being broken or missing, an issue with a drive chain or a clutch.

The motor does not respond: it could be a door jam, an issue with a power supply, or a problem with a brake.

Note: all of the above issues could be caused by another malefaction of garage door parts such as a broken spring or a cable. It is best to consult a certified garage door technician if you experience issues with your garage door.

Our Vancouver garage door repair technicians are certified to do all of the above, including installation and repairs, and are highly experienced. Contacting a professional technician will result in the best service for your garage door, which in its turn will serve you longer.

If you are experiencing issues with your garage door or have questions, you can contact by calling Thrifty Garage Door Repair in Vancouver BC (604) 901-7676. Please do not hesitate to call soon because we love talking about the work we do.

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