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Garage Door Spring Replacement & Repair Services in Vancouver BC

Why is Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair Critical for your Safety?

Things you should know about garage door spring replacement

Torsion springs are probably amongst the top most common reasons for a garage door malfunction. All springs eventually break; some springs will last 10000 cycles, some at 25000 depending on the cycle rating. A cycle is one opening and one closing of the garage door. Also, some springs are engineered to last through a greater number of cycles: 50000 or 100000. If your garage door is being used very often, you may want to consider getting the higher cycle springs for your garage door.

Garage door spring repair may not sound like a very complicated task. There are videos freely available on the internet that make the spring replacement look like a misleadingly easy DIY project. However, it is very important to know that garage door springs are under extremely high tension and extremely dangerous if handled by anyone other than a professional. Please ensure your safety and talk to a Vancouver garage door repair technician first if you think your torsion spring is broken and you need it replaced.

We would like to tell you about some of the components of the spring system mechanism.

How does your garage door work? Torsion counterbalance explained

We believe that providing you with this information will help you better understand the garage door mechanism.

Commonly there are one or two springs that are attached to a Torsion shaft. The torsion shaft is the element of the mechanism to which all the other parts are attached: springs, drums, cables, bearing brackets or end bearing plates, and a coupler (in one spring mechanism, a coupler is not needed). It is a tubular or a solid rod that is installed above and across the garage door.

Tubular shafts are commonly used for lighter doors, the thickness of the tube may vary.

Solid shafts are installed on heavy garage doors or doors that require a chain hoist or heavy-duty jacket shaft operators.

Torsion springs vary in size, length and wire diameter. The term used for the size of the spring is the wire diameter. Wire diameter can range in size quite significantly. It is very important that your new spring will have all of the above parameters that match your garage door weight, height and lift type.

Also, the paired springs can be coiled in a right or left direction. The left-hand wound spring must be installed on the right side of the door, left-hand wound spring on the left. It is important for the torque to be delivered equally on both sides of the shaft, and for that reason, it is advised that both of your springs are to be replaced even if only one of them is broken.

Torque is the force that is twisting around an axis. In the torsion spring system, the springs create the force, and the torsion shaft is the axis. Your garage door requires a specific amount of force in order to operate, and for that reason, a specific kind of spring is required for your garage door to operate properly and safely. It is highly advised that your torsion springs are to be installed by an experienced garage technician, mainly for the purposes of your safety.

For example, if a new spring is bigger than required for your door, it may cause your garage door to open suddenly on its own. That may happen at high speed and cause a safety hazard. In another case, if the new spring is smaller than required for your door, it may cause the garage door to drop down suddenly.

Cable drums will be assembled on both edges of the torsion shaft. They come in a pair, and a pair of cables are attached to each drum. The springs create the torque that is transformed into a lifting force by the drums and the cables that open and close your garage door. Drum diameters vary, and there are different types of drums. Your garage door will require specific drums that will collaborate with your garage door resulting in seamless functionality, the shaft and the spring/s. Factors such as the size of the spring/s, door weight and door height are essential to consider for your garage door to function correctly and safely.

Cables are also an essential element; they must be the same length since they lift your garage door. Proper load rated cables must be used for your door to function well.

The torsion spring mechanism that opens and closes your garage door is composed of several parts, and the correct work of all the parts of the mechanism is required for the safe operation of your garage door. Our skilled and experienced Vancouver garage door repair technician will examine all the elements of your garage door to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Call the pros for a worry-free spring replacement 

If your garage door spring is broken, contact garage door technicians in Thrifty Garage Door Repair Vancouver at (604) 901-7676 for any type of garage door repair. We also provide same-day spring repair or replacement. Your safety is enhanced by a reliable and sturdy garage door!

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