Considerations On Choosing An Aluminum Garage Door

Choosing the right material for garage doors is proving to be a challenge these days. This is due to the endless range of options available in the market. You have steel doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, vinyl doors, composite doors, etc. Of all these, aluminum sounds like a smart choice as the material for your garage door.

This choice of aluminum as garage door material is governed by many factors. Allow our professional garage door expert to elaborate.

Factors in favor of aluminum as the ideal garage material

Garage door costs fit your budget

If you want to get a new low-cost door or upgrade your existing one at minimal costs, you can opt for Aluminum. Aluminum is not only lightweight in material but cost too. It is a more affordable option than steel garage doors.

So, if you want a metallic design option for your garage door at the least cost, you must opt for an aluminum garage door.

Easy garage door installation

When it comes to installing garage doors, some need careful handling like wood composite doors or glass panels. Even steel doors need to be installed with the right garage door hardware by a professional for smooth operation. The same is the case for Wooden garage doors.

Aluminum doors, on the other hand, are easy to install. They do not need any special garage door opener or hardware. Aluminum doors also do not lay any stress on the garage door components. This means they will last longer and wear down slower. 

Rust resistant 

The most salient feature of aluminum garage doors is they do not rust easily. This corrosion resistance is the main reason for aluminum being the popular choice for use in garage doors. So, if you are residing in an area where you have harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snow, then you can safely use an aluminum garage door.

Easier to insulate

An insulated garage door is a must to cut down your energy costs. Doors with polystyrene insulation or polyurethane foam insulation are a must to protect your garage from weather exposure. Choose a door of aluminum with polyurethane insulation for the best results. This will be the perfect combination to resist weather damage and heat loss in your garage.

Variety of styles and color options

The best thing about aluminum garage doors is that they are available in an array of options. You can choose either solid aluminum panel options or aluminum frames for your door. These are available in anodized and powder-coated finishes. In anodized, you have further color options like clear anodized, black anodized, bronze anodized, etc. The other attractive options in colors are white, bronze, brown, gray, etc.

Easy to customize

Aluminum garage doors are a treat to every designer. They can be easily customized in modern style options. You can have window options in your aluminum door to let in natural light. Or opt for glazing options to give a mirrored effect. All this will enhance the visual appeal or the curb appeal of your garage door.

Easy to maintain

As aluminum is not prone to quick rusting, it does not need regular maintenance. You do not have to worry about repeated repair or maintenance costs with aluminum garage doors.

Easily recyclable and environment friendly

Canadian regulations for garage doors insist that the material used for garage doors should not fall under the Ozone-depleting and Halocarbon Alternatives Regulations. Aluminum garage doors follow this statute as they do not contain HFCs or hydrofluorocarbons. They are easily recyclable and hence totally eco-friendly. 

The selection of aluminum garage doors can prove to be a profitable one for you when you consider the above factors. Consult a local garage specialist serving Vancouver and choose a reliable brand of aluminum garage doors.

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