Is It Safe To Heat A Garage With Propane?

Do you have a home with a garage? – that is wonderful! You can use your garage as a  recreation or storage space, a gym, or a veritable family den. All you need to think of is how to keep the garage warm during the cold winter months.

Winter is a time when most of Canada is freezing. You must look for all-around, reliable heaters that can heat every square foot of your garage. While exploring a reliable electric garage heater model and other options, you must keep in mind the safety precautions while using one.

To warm up the garage, you can choose between electric heaters, radiant heaters, gas heaters, or air heaters.  Propane heaters are a form of gas heaters where propane gas is the fuel source. Unlike methane heaters, propane heaters do not emit any carbon monoxide and are hence safe for the environment. 

Can one use a propane heater indoors in a garage? Are there any safety concerns in using one? 

A thorough study of the type of heater is necessary and that is what we will do below.

Using an indoor propane heater for your garage for safety reasons

If you want to make your garage warmer without hiking your energy bills, you must think of propane space heaters. 

Safe to store

The first and foremost safety reason you have for using a propane garage heater is the safety of storing propane. Propane can be stored in a tank or cylinder even for several months. So, you can buy it even months before the cold temperatures set in and store it in a sealed tank.

Safe fuel- No risk of quick ignition

Secondly, unlike gasoline, propane has a higher ignition temperature and narrow inflammability range. For gasoline, the ignition temperature is 80-300 degrees. But, for propane, the temperature is as high as 920-1200 degrees. 

Again, propane will burn only if the fuel-to-air ratio is 2.2: 9.6. So, even if there is a leak, the propane will dissipate in the open air quickly even before it has a chance to ignite. This means an ignition is unlikely with a propane space heater.

No risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you use gas heaters, you must install carbon monoxide detectors. All combustible materials like oils or fuel gas emit carbon monoxide which is poisonous. In contrast, a propane space heater burns clean and emits no gas. Even if there is a leak from the propane cylinder, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or contamination even if the propane mixes with the surrounding air or water.

Proper ventilation

Although there is no carbon monoxide hazard with propane, it is always wise to provide adequate ventilation whenever you use fuel indoors. Provide drafty doors and vents to disperse any toxic fumes although we can assure you that there will be none.

The source of ventilation can be a window or vent near which the propane heater can be wall-mounted.  If this is not possible, provide a wall outlet to supply a bit of ventilation to the heater wall.  Fit carbon monoxide detectors for extra safety near the wall-mounted propane heater.

So, in all aspects, the propane heater is the safest to use for a garage. Take a look at these safety precautions while using one.

 Safety Precautions while using a propane heater

  • Check if your indoor propane heater has all the safety features like a low oxygen sensor, overheat sensor, and automatic cutoff using a tip-over switch.
  • It should have a high-temperature coated safety guard to maintain a comfortable temperature within the garage.
  • Make sure you do not have any flammable materials around it.
  • If your indoor space heater has an orange flame, stop it immediately and call the garage door repair expert.
  • Provide an exhaust pipe near the heater.
  • Do not run the heater for long periods and switch it off after use.
  • Clean the dust off the outer flat surface of the indoor propane heater using a vacuum hose.
  • Do not use any air freshener or aerosol spray near your Indoor propane space heater.
  • Check the electrical outlets near the portable propane heater. 
  • Call a garage door repair professional to check the propane cylinder for leakage and the heating element for damage.
  • Frequent inspection is a must to check the heating capacity of the conventional propane heater and the oxygen level in the garage.
  • There are many types of propane heaters- liquid propane heater, air propane heater, forced-air propane heater,  propane convection heater, direct vent heater, etc. Choose the right propane unit based on your size of space, price, heating options, etc.
  • Always check the safety settings of your garage space heater and operate it using its manual.

Bear these safety tips in mind while using propane model heaters in closed garages during colder months. The propane heater is an excellent choice for garage heating. Gain peace of mind by installing and maintaining it using a garage expert.

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