When Should You Replace a Garage Door Roller?

Opening and closing a garage door is an everyday activity. On average, people use the garage door more than a thousand times in a year. So your garage door springs and garage door rollers are constantly working overtime. What happens when you are overworked? You feel tired and worn out. So think about the fatigue faced by your garage door!

Technology for garage door openers has come a long way. But like any other equipment, it cannot escape wear and tear. Garages are complex structures that are vital for the safety of people and property. So Garage door repairs are a common occurrence. Garage door style determines the type of maintenance needed. But choosing the right kind of rollers can increase the productivity of the door. 

But is your garage door company focusing on every part of your garage? Most people focus on the garage door cables or springs. But what about the garage door roller?. A faulty roller is a major inconvenience. What are the signs of a defective roller? When should you replace a garage door roller?

Why is my garage door making an annoying noise while opening or closing? My roller should be able to manage more cycles!

Have you checked the garage door motor? Have you replaced the cables and bolts? For a roller garage, you may need to look at the tracks. Rollers connect the garage door to the tracks. The lifespan of the rollers is measured in cycles. If you open and close the garage once, your roller completes one cycle. But depending on the usage, your rollers can get worn out before the end of their lifespan. 

Defective rollers need immediate repair or replacement. Lubricating the rollers solves most of the problems. But if lubrication is not helping, then a professional garage door repair company in Vancouver can help you identify the cause of the problem.

Are there dents in the track? Are the tracks anchored to the wall?

Common garage doors are subject to rough use. So garage door track gets damaged over a while. If the damages are not severe, then repairing can help. But for a severe dent or damage, it is best to replace the tracks and rollers. Also, you may need to check the roller bracket. If the rollers are not anchored to the wall correctly, they may go off-track. You can call a garage door professional to tighten the brackets. 

Have you checked the locking straps? 

A strong garage door offers improved insulation. Garages are also barriers to sound pollution. But to offer all the benefits, a garage door must function smoothly. An important part that keeps the garage door in place is the locking strap. Do you have a hold to run kind of roller doors? Locking straps of such doors snap more frequently. 

What type of garage door roller is most suitable? 

Rollers come in different sizes and weight-bearing capacities. But why are nylon rollers preferred by many? Nylon rollers last for more than ten thousand cycles. So you may need to replace them once in six to seven years. Old garages have steel rollers. But if you want a quiet and durable garage door, replace your old steel rollers with nylon rollers.

Replacing a garage roller is a work of a professional. How many ball bearings will your rollers need? Will rollers without ball bearings work? A qualified garage door expert can help with the selection, installation, and replacement of rollers. 

Replacing rollers may seem like a difficult task to people. But a reliable Vancouver garage door repair expert from Thrifty Garage Doors Repair in Vancouver, BC can make the process easy and cost-effective.

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