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The benefits of choosing a custom garage door -

The benefits of choosing a custom garage door

The visual appeal of a home plays a pivotal role in creating positive vibes for its inmates. It also spikes up to its resale value. This is why most homeowners do well-versed research in trying to enhance the curb appeal of not just their home, but their garage too. 

The main reason why garage customization is a must for any homeowner

Since the garage is an added wing of the house in most cases, its design must conform to that of the house. Also, the garage area is not included in the square footage of the house. So, a well-designed garage can add anything up to $30,000. In most cases, the ROI from a garage sale is almost 85%. This is why homeowners pay so much attention to the design of garage structures and look for customization options with their aesthetic appeal in mind.
A look at the benefits of customization will give you an idea of why you should opt for a custom door.

Benefits of using custom-designed garage doors

Custom-made garage doors are an excellent choice not just for their aesthetics. They have other value additions like these given below.

Built to your taste

Some of us are modern in outlook and others like vintage stuff.  When you choose a custom design, you have the option of selecting various garage door styles. 

You have a wide range of architectural styles for garage door construction options. Among the traditional styles, choose your pick from a sectional door, roll-up door, sliding door, or swing-out door. You can choose carriage-house-style doors, barn-style garage doors, or canopy doors if you want a classy garage door.  If you want extreme and unique garage doors, you can add decorative hardware or glass windows to enhance your style. 

The level of customization depends on the combination of style preferences that you make and the expertise of the Vancouver garage door repair company in fabricating them.

Built to your own specifications

The other advantage of garage door customization is in fabricating the garage door to your specific requirements of shapes and size. These aspects of customization work well with custom options.

When you buy ready-made stock garage doors,  you can get doors of only standard garage door sizes and measurements. On the other hand, custom-built garage doors can be tailor-made to accurate measurements to suit your architectural style.

Colour selection

The colour of your garage door must match that of your home. If you have chosen a unique colour finish for your home, you must opt for the same for your garage door too. This is not possible with ready-made doors.  When you buy doors that are ready-stock or displayed from garage door dealers, you cannot have a choice in the election of their colours.  Custom-designed doors can have your own chosen custom colour or custom paint finish.

Choice of garage door material

Usually, the common types of garage doors available are steel garage doors, aluminum garage doors, wood garage doors, etc.  Modern garage doors include glass garage doors, fibreglass doors, etc. When you want to customize your garage door, you can explore a combination of garage door options. You can try using aluminum and glass, steel and wood, etc. Glass doors in contemporary aluminum frames or custom hand-crafted wooden doors make an excellent choice.

Special features

The main advantage of making a custom garage door is that you can upgrade with all the extra features you want. You can add an extra level of insulation to reduce your energy costs. If you want a more energy-efficient garage door, order a double-layer or triple-layer door for extra thickness. You can add durable weather seals of extra thickness to combat the bad weather. Such custom options are possible only when you make your own custom and semi-custom garage doors.

Additional security features

When you are ordering a custom-designed door, you can throw in some extra safety features for good measure. Get an automatic garage door opener fitted with motion sensors, cameras, lights, etc.  The level of security you provide depends on the degree of customization you perform for your garage door.

Choose a professional garage door expert or reliable Vancouver garage door repair technician from a company like Thrifty Garage Door Repair to discuss the panel designs, wood types, colour samples, etc. Collate the details and order your custom-built, hand-crafted garage door. You will get the perfect garage door of your choice.

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