Know What’s Wrong with your Garage Door

Your garage door is the most important element of your house, and the last thing you wish to do is come back to a lovely house only to find your overhead door not functioning properly. As a home-owner you should have knowledge about the various parts of the garage door and what could go wrong with them.

Door and Sections:

The sections of the garage door can be damaged or dented, especially when you drive your car accidentally into a closed door.


The hinges connect the sections of the overhead door and allow it to flex as it moves. These hinges need regular lubrication and can cause issues if cracked or broken.


Safety sensors are positioned on both sides of the garage door about 6 inches off the floor, and they correspond with the opener. One sensor releases a laser whereas other receives it. If something obstructs the line of the laser, then it cannot reach the receiving sensor, so the overhead door won’t close.

If your garage door only goes down a few inches before rising back up, then the sensors maybe obstructed or misaligned.


The tracks on both sides of your garage door leading up to the garage roof caters as a guide for the door. Those tracks must be in a good shape to run without issues. Ensure you keep them free from leaves and brooms or other items being stored in your garage.


The torsion spring of your garage door is under a lot of strain as it is the force lifting your very bulky and heavy garage door. If torsion spring snaps or starts making noises, do not try to repair or tune it on your own. Feel free to contact a professional garage door repair service in Vancouver BC to handle this complicated problem.

Garage Door Opener:

Overhead door openers have come a long way in the last several years. These days openers have more safety features than earlierversions, and they can also be controlled from a computer or a smartphone.

Bottom Seal:

The seal serves many purposes; shielding from weather, appropriate fit for the closed door, and bumper for the door when it closes. If your bottom seal starts to come loose, becoming brittle or an abode for bugs, get in touch with a professional for fast replacement.

Whether you are having problems with one of these components, or you are not certain what is causing problems to your garage door, give Thrifty Garage Doors a call. We are the specialist of Garage Door Repair in West Vancouver BC and ready to attend your call 24/7.  Our service cover  SurreyBurnabyCoquitlamDeltaLangleyNew WestminsterVancouverRichmondWest Vancouver and surrounding areas in BC. Contact us at (604)901-7676 and know more about Garage door repair, installation and services.

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