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What You Need to Know About Your Garage Door Opener

What You Need to Know About Your Garage Door Opener

No doubt a must have accessory, garage door openers make our lives a lot easier.

However, like other electrical appliances, issues may take place, and when they do, you need to know what the experts are talking about! This article will assist.

What you should know regarding the door opener:

Does your overhead door opener run with a belt drive or chain drive? A chain drive employs a metal chain, and a belt drive employs a rubber belt shatter proof with steel fibers. Belt driven openers are quieter.

Does your overhead door opener use AC or DC? Most people use AC door openers, but if your door opener is equipped with a backup battery, it will be a DC opener.

What type of trolley does your garage door opener use? A 1-piece, the sturdiest option, or a 3-piece that need to be bolted together solidly.

What power level does your opener have?  1/2 HP or ¾ HP? Possibilities are it’ll be 0.5, if your overhead door is properly balanced, that is more than adequate power to elevate 8-10lbs.

Overhead door experts may also talk about other main components, such as gears, made from sturdy hard nylon and electronics including the logic board, travel modules etc.

What are the accessories?

There’re many overhead door opener accessories on the market, all overhead door opener today use remote controls that are equipped with rolling code technology to prevent other people from accessing your overhead door opener. When it comes to safety electric openers are equipped with mechanical reversal systems as standard, ensuring that your overhead door never closes if there’s something in its way or if it senses resistance.

door openers these days come with control panels which are an excellent option as you can set them up to block any remote access if you are going to be away from your home for a while.

There’re plenty of other optional accessories that will not cost you an arm & a leg, for example Wi-Fi connectivity, enables you to run your overhead door from an app on your mobile device. Laser parking sensors that will assist you park your vehicle in the right spot, and exterior keypads that don’t let you to worry about your children losing their keys again.

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