Top 4 Common Garage Door Issues Most Homeowners Dealt With

Even the most well constructed overhead door starts to show wear and tear signs with continuous use. When you see the signs of wear and tear on your garage door, feel free to get in touch with Thrifty Garage Door Repair in Surrey. We are always ready to help you with any type of garage door issues you may be facing. In this articlelisted some of the most common issues that homeowners would experience with their residential garage door and how we, as garage door professionals,would repair them.

Garage door opener suddenly stops working: 

This is perhaps on the top of the list of most common garage door issue homeowners face. If after replacing the batteries for the remotes/clicker the opener still does not function but will only make a humming sound, you might have a worn-out gear which might be fixable depending on how old is the opener.However, to buy a new garage door openeris the best solution in the long run. We can installanew opener that avails many excellent high tech features. Do not allow that broken garage door opener to bother you anymore. Call us now to get it repaired or consider a new one and let our technicians to install it perfectly.

Misaligned tracks:

Overhead door tracks become loose andget misaligned due to daily use of your garage door. You would know that there are issues with the door tracks when the garage door would not close or if it gets jammed andwould not open. Either way, no movement in the garage door will usually mean that there is something wrong with the track. Fortunately, our skilled technicians can do an overhead door track repair and have the door closing and opening perfectly once again. If required, we can also replace the track(s).

Worn out/failing garage door springs:

Once the garage door springs start to fail, the door will get “heavier”, or it will smash shut without any control. That means when it closes, it may come crushingdown someone andmay prompt injury. Garage door springs are engineered to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Once torsion spring starts to fail, we recommend you appoint us to balance or replace them rather than trying to repair them on your own, as it is considered a high-risk procedure and is highly recommended to be performed by a professional only.

Noisy door:

There mightbe many diverse probabilities why your overhead door is making loud noise. Once major cause is that some of the mechanisms are loose andmust be tightened or repositioned. Another reason to consider for overhead door; noise is worn out hinges or rollers. Relying on your garage door hardware, we can replace or fix any of these mechanisms so that your door functions quietly once more.

For quality garage door repair in Surrey contact Thrifty Garage Door Repair. Regardless of what is might be wrong with your garage door, you can count on our specialized service. To schedule professional garage door service with us, contact us at (604)901 -7676!

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