Important Points to Know While Buying a Garage Door

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The garage door is a significant part of the house. Garage doors have become an inevitable component for both residential and commercial purposes. Garage doors not only provide a way to shelter your car, but they also help to protect as well as shade from extreme heat and cold. It also helps to keep your car safe from water and dust. There are different types of garage doors, and they can be divided into two main groups – steel and wood. The most common type of door is the rolling one which can be opened either manually or automatically with remote control.

As a professional garage repair company, we have considerable experience in this industry. Here are some important points to consider while buying a garage door.

  • The number of scrapes you will make in your lifetime is around 8000 to 10000.
  • A garage door’s lifespan ranges from 10 to 15 years of regular usage. 
  • If the automatic opener stops working and you open manually, it takes 21 seconds on average for a door weighing 440 pounds which is 180 kilograms.
  • Garage doors come in 3 standard styles, sectional doors, vertical sliding windows, and rolling horizontal sliders. Sectional doors consist of 2 or 3 separate panels while verticals slide horizontally along tracks overhead; roll-ups are hinged on the side, rotate vertically, and roll into a closed position against the ceiling.
  • Modern automatic doors have safety features like photo sensors that stop them from closing if an object is in their path or a retractable sensor arm that pops out to block the door from hitting your car when you drive into it.
  • The automatic doors open slower than the manual ones because of the spring in their hinges. They are also usually bigger and heavier, but if they haven’t been installed correctly, then the springs would be too tight resulting in friction that may cause them to snap or become disengaged from the opener. However, this can easily be fixed by a garage door repair service. 
  • When a garage door is not at all working, it could mean that your sensor malfunctions or that you need a new electronic remote control.
  • Manufacturers recommend changing springs after 10,000 to 20,000 cycles. Opening and closing your garage doors contributes a lot towards the wear, so if you have an automatic door then it should be done after about 1500 cycles or once every couple of years.
  • Most garage malfunctions are due to loose wiring or cables that have been pulled out or snapped off after being forced open repeatedly without first fixing these things. It’s also a good idea to check the sensor for possible damage and replace any broken springs immediately. You should do this at least once every year to keep your automatic doors running smoothly and safely.
  • If you’ve hit someone’s car when trying to enter or leave your driveway, then you’ll probably need to pay them some cash even if it was your fault. It’s a good idea to purchase liability insurance from the start of the year so that you’ll be covered if things like this happen which, unfortunately, they tend to do a lot.
  • Garage doors are usually 7 feet wide by 7.5 feet tall or 8 feet high with an opener attached; the tracks are about 4 inches wide and it’s standard for 2 support beams on either side which run horizontally across it every few inches apart. The recommended door size for most homes is about 9×7 but bigger ones are possible too depending on your budget and preferences.
  • If your garage door is too small, then you could run into some issues as the normal height for a door is about 8 feet while most vehicles are around 2-4 inches taller. That may not sound like a lot but it can make quite the height difference when trying to enter or exit from your car and if there’s a slope on the driveway then it will only get worse.

Those were some of the important points you needed to know about garage doors.


Garage doors are the most important part of any garage, and they have a lot to offer. 

There are three types of garage doors – steel, wood, and aluminum. Choose the perfect material suitable for your beautiful home with the help of Thrifty Garage Door Repair. We install, repair, and replace your old garage door if it has been damaged or is no longer functioning properly. Our company provides local garage door repair in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Call us today at 604-901-7676 for your garage door needs.

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