How To Fix Your Noisy Garage Door in Surrey

There’s nothing more frustratung than a noisy garage door! The loud whirring, rumbling and rattling noise of a garage door every time it goes up or down can make you feel like something is very wrong with the system itself. While it is not practical to expect your garage door to glide noiselessly every time you use it, but it should not be agonizingly noisy.

If your garage door sounds like there is a herd of buffalos headed straight for your living room every time you close or open it, here are a few practical solutions you can apply right away:

Tighten screws & bolts:                                

A garage door consists of a lot of hardware, which means any loose screws, bolts and hinges could vibrate and produce noise and interfere with the functionality of your garage door. Check out all the screws, nuts and bolts, and if you find loose ones, tighten them with the help of a basic wrench and socket set. If that does not resolve the issue, call Thrifty Garage Doors for immediate assistance or advice.

Inspect your rollers:

Open and close your door a few times to see if any of the rollers are loose or binding. Move the rollers back and forward a couple of times manually to find out if they’re functioning the way they should. Before doing this, make sure to disengage the garage door opener.

If there’s a roller issue, you can try to replace them, but we recommendcalling the professionalsfor help. DIYreplacement of garage door rollers can be risky, and there is a good possibility that the replacement rollers you use will be of poor quality.

Check the garage door opener:


Quite often, the source of most of your garage door noise is the garage door opener. A garage door opener with a defective motor that requires replacements can produce a very loud noise. If you are sure that this is the root cause of your noisy garage door, then you must get your garage door opener inspected and repaired as quickly as possible – keep in mind a noisy garage is a sign of an underlying problem soon to surface.

Another way to make sure your garage door doesn’t produce too much noise is to have annual maintenance performed by a professional garage door repair service company like Thrifty Garage Doors. By lubricating all the moving parts of your garage door, you make sure they don’t produce unpleasant sounds while using your garage door.

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If a noisy garage door is making you annoyed, then feel free to get professional garage door assistance from Thrifty Garage Doors. We specialized in garage door repair in Surrey and would love to sort out your garage door issue in a prompt manner. Allow us to make your garage door working smoothly again!

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