Standard Garage Door Repair Costs

If your overhead door won’t open, don’t panic. Here at Thrifty Garage Door, garage door repair in Surrey BC that will fix the issue and help you avoid buying a totally new garage door.

However, before you opt for garage door repair, you might want to know the costs involved with it. Here is an overview:

A broken garage door spring:

A broken spring is perhaps one of the most common garage door repairs. Every spring on every garage door will break. After thousands times up & down, it gets metal fatigue & snaps. At least one time a year, you must disconnect from the opener and lift the door manually to observe how well it is balanced.

Garage door torsion springs can start $65 each. Some doors need one spring, whereas others need two. After the expense of material & labor, the standard cost to replace an overhead door spring is between $200 and 450$

Broken cable:

If you find that your garage door cable is frayed, you will need to replace it. While the cable may look like a simple thing, it can keep the garage door from slamming shut on your vehicle if the spring breaks down.

The cable itself is not that costly, but the fitting can take some time. Appointing a pro to replace a broken garage door cable can cost anywhere from $150 to $250.

Bent garage door track:

If you have unintentionally knocked into your garage door track, it could bend out of shape. If you have a delicate mallet, you could try to knock it mildly back into shape. Or, if you would rather call a professional to get your garage door back on track, expect to pay anywhere from 150$ and up

Remember that installing a garage door or repairing any part of it without proper training, experience or equipment can lead to a serious injury or costly repairs. This is why you better leave the job to professionals in the industry. You can call Thrifty Garage Door for any kind of garage door repair in Surrey BC. We have been doing garage door repair since last 20 years, so it is very obvious that we have the tools and technical expertise required to handle any kind of garage door issue without causing any additional damage to your asset. Call us now if you think we can help you!

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