How Fire-Rated Overhead Garage Doors Protect Commercial Property

Fire-rated garage doors don’t just make businesses look professional. In this article, an expert from our garage door repair company explains how they provide an additional layer of security for commercial property.

Are you ready to protect your property against fire and smoke? Try fire-rated commercial garage doors. Your garage doors should be fire-rated (fire-resistant) to provide an additional layer of protection. Commercial buildings like malls, complexes, stores, schools, or dormitories receive high traffic and there is a huge need for fire-rated commercial overhead garage doors for enhanced security.

With fire-rated doors, you can rest assured knowing that the heat and flames will not even scratch your door. These are just a few of the many great features these doors provide to keep both yourself and those in your business safe from harm’s way!

The fire door is made of metal and will hold back smoke while people evacuate the building. The times vary but it should be anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending on environmental and external factors.

Having a fire-rated garage door isn’t just about making your business look professional. It’s also there to make sure you’re better equipped when the unthinkable happens and fires start breaking out in your building accidentally. The lower heat output from these doors helps slow down the movement of smoke through the warehouse or commercial property. Having one fire-rated door installed at home instead of an ordinary wooden door will not only help keep bugs away but will protect your dear ones. It slows the spreading of flames so they don’t take over everything all too fast—giving people more time to get outside without being burned alive.

From automatic doors to fire-resistant walls, there are many ways for your company’s protection.

Fire-resistance doors are installed to protect the building from fires. These doors, which automatically close if there is a fire in the building, can be found within corridors of fire barrier walls and should always be used for public spaces as well. However, some commercial buildings require this type of door – ensuring that your company’s livelihood will not go up in flames!

Fire-rated doors are an important investment to protect a company’s livelihood. They require less upkeep than other fireproofing options and they offer protection in both public spaces as well as areas of the building marked private, such as hallways or conference rooms with glass walls.

The installation of fire-rated commercial garage doors is best left to experts as the process requires expertise and experience to ensure that everything goes smoothly. What’s more, if you are planning on installing a 2-hour fire rated commercial door then it is necessary to hire an authorized installer or dealer who can handle such a job. They will be able to provide the correct fire protection for your building and add value to the structure you are protecting.

If you need a new fire-rated door or want to replace an existing one, we have the commercial overhead doors that will meet your needs from some of the top manufacturers in this industry. We’ll help you attain safety standards so employees and business assets are protected while also delivering aesthetically pleasing styles for your building’s design plan.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of fire-rated commercial garage doors then you can easily rely on Thrifty Garage Door Repair. We provide several options to you and that versatility will help ensure that we have a solution to meet any project’s needs.

Thrifty Garage Door Repair company performs local garage door repair in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Take the first step for fire safety with our experienced team. Call us 604-901-7676 today to talk to our garage door experts.

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