Why Call Experts for Garage Door Safety?

You spend a lot on your garage door but is it safe enough? Does it have the safety features to withstand a theft, fire, or break-in? This is what matters the most.

Yes, your garage door’s security must be your first focus. This is because it is the easiest entrance for an outsider to your home. You may need to beef up your garage security by calling a  technician to review signs of wear and do a visual inspection. These technicians are certified garage door installation experts in both manual and automatic garage doors. 

They can advise on what is best for your garage floor and prevent severe injury due to any dangerous situations. They can install mechanisms like an emergency release cord, control button, photo-eye, emergency disconnect and infrared beam for garage door security quickly to prevent catastrophic injury.

However, before calling them, check the garage door security features that you currently have:

  • Can anyone open your garage door with ease?

This is the first thing you should confirm about your garage door. If anyone can easily open your garage door, It is definitely not safe. 

Your garage door must have an element of in-built security that restricts its operation to only a few privileged users. This in-built security can be an electronic lock, or a complex deadbolt or padlock. But it should be difficult for anyone except you to open it and gain access.  Install such a security system by calling your local garage door security experts and install it without delay.

  • Is your garage door theft-proof?

Does your garage door have alarms that set off when burglars try to open it? Devices like armour or shield can be used for protecting the emergency release of your doors. Thieves normally try to break in by tampering with this emergency release. Using these safety devices prevents them from doing it.

Your garage door becomes theft-proof only if you fit it with alarms, motion sensors, and garage protectors. Install such security mechanisms by calling experts. These security experts will advise you on the right safety mechanism for your garage door. 

  • Is your garage door fireproof?

There are many ways in which your garage door can catch fire. Electrical short-circuits can cause such a mishap.  This could also happen if thieves try to burn your garage door down.  This kind of accident occurs also due to lighted cigarettes, candles, etc. 

Protect your garage door by making it fire-proof and not using spurious garage door openers or garage door springs. Talk to your garage door technician about fireproofing your doors when they come for the monthly inspection or regular maintenance. .

  • Is your garage door child-proof?

Most often, kids at home love playing in the garage. And they can mess with the garage door’s automatic openers. They try to open and close it often using the remote. Or they duck in and out of the door that is partially open. But what if the child’s foot gets caught when the garage door accidentally closes. God forbid such a possibility of potential injuries. Avoid this at all costs and make your garage child-safe and zero injuries from the garage doors.

  • Is your garage door safe from fishing?

Fishing is what thieves do to open a garage door. They push the doors inward to create a gap at the top and insert a hook with a wire into it. They then fish open using the emergency release.

Prevent this fishing of your garage door. Call the door security experts. They can install a security switch or garage shield to prevent this fishing.

  • Is your garage door part of a smart garage?

Your garage door is “smart” only if it has all digital gadgets that make it 100% theft-proof. Does it have photo-electric eyes, motion or safety sensors, or security timers? Does it have an in-built CCTV camera and security system? 

Upgrade your garage door security by installing all these smart gadgets. Make your garage door 100% safe.

The above tips help you know if your garage door is really safe or not. Now call the experts at Thrifty Garage Door Repair in Vancouver to improve your garage door security. They can upgrade your garage door security to make it strong enough to resist theft, fire, or break-ins. Remember, your garage door security should be your prime priority. So, act now.

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