How To Do A Garage Door Roller Replacement?

Garage doors are huge but in them are some small parts that make a world of a difference. Like the garage door rollers. If these small garage door rollers break, the big garage door might fall. That is why it is a must to inspect your garage door rollers from time to time. And call experts for garage door roller replacement.

What are garage door rollers?

Before thinking of garage door roller replacement, let us learn something about garage door rollers first.

A garage door roller has a steel stem with a wheel. The wheel may or may not have ball bearings. The material of the wheel decides the efficiency, noise, and performance of the rollers. This in turn decides the performance and life of the garage door. Garage door rollers have steel, plastic or nylon wheels. The length of the stem and the diameter of the roller wheel vary from door to door. Rollers usually come in 1, 2, and 3-inch sizes. Garage door tracks have these rollers between them. The smooth movement of the garage door depends on its rollers.

Precautions while doing a Garage door roller replacement 

Garage door rollers may look and seem simple. But doing garage door roller replacement is a meticulous task. There are many precautions that you should take before you do a garage door roller replacement. Some are given below.

  1. Do not ever remove the bottom roller bracket from your garage door. If you do this, the door will fly off and you will get hurt.
  2. Unplug the garage door opener before you start the garage door roller replacement. If you don’t, you might get electrocuted.
  3. Remove the hinge before replacing a garage door roller. After this, use a step ladder, board or ask your helper to hold the sagging garage door.
  4. Do not bend the tracks while replacing the rollers.

Steps to do a garage door roller replacement

Follow these easy steps to do a garage door roller replacement efficiently.

  • Remove the fasteners

First, remove the fasteners that hold the garage door track and brackets to the wall. This will free the track and help you to remove it along with the rollers. 

  • Remove the rollers

Next, remove the rollers one by one from the brackets of the track. Select new rollers for the replacement. Then lubricate these new rollers before replacing them. 

  • Replace the rollers

Place the new rollers in the brackets. Make sure to put all the rollers back.

  • Replace the fasteners

Replace the track and fasteners and make sure you leave the fasteners in the right position.

  • Change the top rollers

To remove the top rollers, all you need to do is to remove the top bracket from the wall. This bracket holds the top rollers. Unscrew the nut to remove the top bracket from the wall.  Replace the top roller with a new one after lubricating it.

  • Check 

Plugin the door opener and check the door’s operation. Your garage door roller replacement is done.

The above steps help you to do the garage door roller replacement without bending the track.  The steps may seem easy but have to be done carefully. That is why we suggest you take the help of experts for your garage door roller replacement.

Garage door rollers are the main parts that are in use when you open or close the door. Make sure that these rollers are in top condition always. Ensure that the rollers are not damaged or rusted. Do a garage door roller replacement from time to time. Always call the garage door experts at  Thrifty Garage Door Repair for the roller replacement.

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