Garage Door Track Repair – What to do if it occurs?

After a long and hard day, you enter your home and try to park your vehicle in the garage. But the garage door is stuck.  On checking you find that there is a fault with the garage door tracks. The tracks get bent, broken, or misaligned. What should you do? Call a Vancouver garage door repair expert at once. These experts work 24×7 and can do your garage door track repair in no time, without delay.

When to opt for garage door track repair?

One of the parts to check if your garage door fails is its tracks. Garage door tracks are like rails. They are of galvanized steel. They have rollers that help the door move smoothly when you lift it or lower it.

Garage door tracks can suffer many damages like these

  • Garage door tracks become bent

Bending can happen to garage door tracks due to the following reasons

  • Collision
    If something hard hits the tracks, they get bent
  • Obstruction
    If something falls between the tracks and stops it from moving, the tracks bend.
  • Garage door tracks become misaligned
  • Drum or Cable breakage- The garage door has cables and a drum that supports its weight. If the drum or cables break, the entire weight of the door falls on the garage door tracks.  Then, the tracks get bent or become misaligned.
  • Rust- With age and repeated use or exposure to moisture, your garage door tracks rust. This corrosion causes the garage door tracks to get bent or misaligned.

When you face any of the above incidents, you can be sure your garage door tracks will suffer damage. It is now time to call the garage door experts to fix your tracks.

Things to do first for a garage door track repair

If you find that there is something wrong with your garage door tracks, first, move away from the garage door. Do not attempt to touch or tamper with it. Any small mistake on your part can cause the garage door to come crashing down. This may cause you grave injury. Avoid this risk and call the experts for garage doors at once. They can handle the garage door track with safety and efficiency.

Why should we call garage door experts for garage door track repair?

“Should one call experts for garage door track repair? Can’t we look at videos on the internet and do it ourselves?”- this is what most people ask.

Calling experts is a must for garage door track repair due to the following reasons

  • You need the right tools

To repair garage door tracks, you need a vice grip, adjustable wrench, socket wrench, hammer, pliers, etc. not many of us would have all these at home.

  • You need training and experience

Repairing garage door tracks is not child’s play. If you strike the hammer very hard, the track may break. If you don’t align the tracks properly, the door may fall. Only trained experts with experience can handle garage door track repair.

  • You could worsen the condition of the garage door

If you try to repair the garage door tracks on your own, you might end up damaging the door itself. If the track is loose, the door will fall and get further damaged. If the track is misaligned, the door can get stuck. Why risk all this? It is better to call experts for garage door track repair.

  • Accidents could happen

If you try doing garage door track repair on your own, you could end up causing accidents. Hammer strikes if done wrongly can hurt your hand. Your fingers can get pinched when you use the wrench. Or your fingers can get stuck between the bent tracks. Avoid such mishaps. Call experienced technicians for garage door track repair.

For garage door track repair, the wise and best thing to do is call the experts at garage door repair in Vancouver. Ensure safety and protection for your garage door tracks. Call Thrifty Garage Door Repair at once.

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