Tips – How to Buy Garage Doors

There are number factors to consider when choosing a new garage door including appearance, performance, space, security, maintenance, budget, ease of access and operation. It’s easier to have a particular garage door in mind and build around it than trying to choose a garage door for an existing space so it shouldn’t be an afterthought unless necessary like when you’re changing the door for an existing house.

Garage doors now are made with some materials including steel, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Regular plastic, PVC plastic, and timber. There are also different types such as up-and-over doors, side-hinged, sectional and roller doors.

With so many different options, it might be confusing trying to pick one that meets all your requirements and how do you decide what those requirements are? You might also be wondering what the cost of a garage door might be. Here’s some advice on what to look for.

Specialist advice

You may or may not need the advice of a specialist in picking your door, depending on the complexity of what you need. You can get one if you need advice on colour, quality, and material or would like samples.


If you’re not experienced, it might be difficult to tell what quality garage doors are and aren’t so you need to find out what the signs are. Look at the internal face of the door, for burrs, at the paint job, whether it has sharp or rough edges. It might be easier to buy from a recognized or well known door manufacturer or supplier.


Always go for the doors with warranty to a ensure you get the best value and some resolution if there’s a problem.

Kind of door

Review the different kinds of garage doors – sectional, roller, side hinged or up and over and get the one that’s best for you and your space.


When selecting material, think about how much maintenance it might require and not just the look. Research or ask a specialist and look out for the finishing and what maintenance it might require. Maintenance will be determined by the weather in your area, the quality, the orientation, and the finish.


A big issue with garages is not just covering the car but the security it provides especially if it provides access to your home. Look out for doors with Secured by Design accreditation. These are usually endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers. It shows that the door is designed to prevent intruders and break-ins. They have locks with anti-snap cylinders, secure remotes protected from hacking, or additional steel plates fitted to protect the locking anchor points. Ask for doors with such special features if you’re worried about security.

Professional installation

It’s best to get it right when your door is first installed. No matter how great the door is, if it is poorly installed, it won’t work as you desire. It could also cause a call-out on your warranty so as much as possible, go for an expert or experienced installer, especially with automated doors.

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