How to Know When To Change Garage Door Springs

Like everything else in life, change is inevitable. There comes a time when old things must give way to new inventions and so on. Therefore, this is just a similar story, when it comes to garage door springs. After being in place for so long, your old garage door springs are subjected to constant use, and this may cause it to start to under perform. At this point, it would be a wise decision to change it. As such, we get a lot of calls from folks who have to replace their garage door springs.

We hope that this short article will assist you to comprehend much better what details you can supply to support us to find the ideal springs for your garage door.

The first thing we require to know is whether your garage door is a single door or a double door. If you can park two cars and trucks, then the door is a double, it is a good practice to change both springs. If it’s a single door, it will just have one spring. In this case, you will need to change only the one spring.

It’s also crucial to let us know what type of construction material your door was produced from such as wood, metal, polystyrene etc. We also need to find out if your door is insulated or not. If you’re not sure if it is insulated, have a look at your garage door from within. It is pretty easy to see whether or not your garage door is insulated. Once you detect the insulating material that usually separates the outer surface from the inner surface, then you will know your door is insulated and vice versa.

We measure the broken/unloaded springs (inner diameter, length, wire gauge) the springs size depends on the weight of the door. With this info, we can take a look at your home on Google Maps Street view which will assist us to detect the age, and design of the door. In fact, with this information, we can advise on the proper choice of springs for your door.

For residents who have an older door say from between the 1950s to the 1970s, your garage door may have extension springs. The way to tell that is to figure out whether your door rolls up in areas or turns up in one piece.

If you require new garage door springs, please give us a call. We’ll be more than pleased to find just the best springs for your garage door.

Parts for all brand names

Many garage door parts are generic to the majority of brand names consisting of the cable assembly, rollers, and several hinges that prevail on the majority of makes of garage doors. Some parts nevertheless remain specific to the door maker and the series.

Garage door weather strips

We can help you install the market’s most exceptional boundary weather condition seals. These strips or seals come with a double fin, heavy rubber with a snap-over cover that hides the attaching screws. Indeed, this connects to the door or the frame and the header around the external parts of your door. Usually, this garage door weather seal comes in a variety of primary colors.

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